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Our Actions


     Starting from August 2021, I visited the large seafood restaurants in Shenzhen and promoted the appropriate consumption of seafood. In September 2021, I came to one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Shenzhen: Fengqilou. The seafood here is rich in variety and affordable. This time, I learned about the strict procurement standards, rigid supervision mechanism, and a good attitude towards consumers. Through a recent visit, I learned that the seafood here all meets the pollutant standards, so consumers can eat it with assurance. Therefore, I encourage everyone to choose formal and large restaurants when dining out.

Interview Q&A:

     Q: Do you have any standards when purchasing seafood?

     Answer: Our seafood is purchased from Luofang Market, and there are professionals supporting purchase. Our purchases are supervised by the Food Supervision Bureau, and the seafood must meet the hygiene standards before we can purchase it. People from the Food Supervision Bureau will also spot checks from time to time.


Further communication:

     Q: I also find that you have a lot of shrimps and crabs, such seafood with low methylmercury content.

     A: Yes, these are relatively healthy seafood, and we mainly purchase them. The Guihua Fish on the market was found to have exceeded the antibiotic standard, and we had not restock it since then.

     On October 27, 2021, I went to Nanshan Second Experimental School and brought a special lecture to the students of Class 2 Grade 4.

School Bus

     On October 30, 2021, I went to the Yantian Community Centre. I gave a lecture on environmental protection and health to show local people how to eat fish healthily. Finally, I spread basic environmental protection knowledge to the audience.

     On November 6, 2021, I came to a large shopping mall in Shenzhen, where I advertised seafood consumption recommendations. That weekend, many parents brought their children to the mall to enjoy the weekend. I took this opportunity to introduce science on methylmercury pollution to many children, and I also called on them to protect the Earth together.


     On November 10, 2021, I came to the obstetrics department of Shenzhen Third People's Hospital. I interviewed several pregnant women who came for the check-up and asked them about their seafood consumption. Later, I introduced them to how to choose healthy seafood. Finally, I promoted the website to them, and at the same time posted the QR code of the website on the Triage Station so that all pregnant women who came for the check-up could use the website to get suggestions on fish consumption.

     On November 18, 2021, I went to Wenchang Community Activity Center and held a lecture on Environmental Protection and Health. Most of the people who came to the lecture were the elderly, and they were very concerned about healthy eating. I took the opportunity not only to introduce them to how to choose seafood, but also to give them advice on having a healthy diet.

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